Thrilled to announce our TENTH Echo Weekend in Waco, Tx December 5-8, 2019.



These thoughts, which are really just lies from the enemy, are the real reasons why we as women tend to question ourselves when it comes to sharing the message of Jesus Christ!

After chatting with countless girls and hearing these same statements over and over, the mindset that holds so many back became clear and the answer even more clear. The only way to overcome a lie is to hear and believe the truth!! That is why I created The Echo Weekend in January of 2017. Since the launch of Echo we have had 100 women join our community from 20 states and even Canada! 

This communication workshop is for female communicators {that's you ☺️} who desire to preach the Word of God.

Amie Stockstill Founder of Echo

This workshop will give you the confidence you need to communicate the Word of God. It is not the level of experience nor the size of your platform that determines your ability to share the heart of God. It is your desire to spread God’s message of hope and love. It is your willingness to say yes! It is the strength of your spirit to step beyond your comfort zone. Our passion is to help YOU feel capable of communicating the Gospel with style and grace. You have more to give than you know! 

What you'll learn

The keys to confidence in communicating the Word of God are preparation, personal style, and practice. Our team will cover these topics extensively throughout the Echo Weekend and here’s what you can look forward to:


There is a spot with your name on it!

Echo Weekend Expectations

Together we’ll create alliances, challenge each other, and develop strategies for success. And of course, laugh together along the way.

In addition to working on our craft together, you will be allowed to record The Echo Weekend, so you can go through the lessons again at your own pace as many times as you'd like as long as you do not share the recording with others

Because we love you and are committed to your success you will also receive a 6 week Post Echo Reflection challenge to help make these lessons a reality. Even better, you will have 24.7 access to a private Facebook group for all attendees, where you can continue to encourage and support one another.


Day One Schedule Echo Weekend

Thursday (Optional) December 5th





Day Two Schedule Echo Weekend

Friday December 6th





Day Three Schedule Echo Weekend

Saturday December 7th





Day Four Schedule Echo Weekend

Sunday December 8th






Special note

IF ACCEPTED YOU WILL BE hand selected for this workshop because WE believe in the gift of God on your life! There are only 24 spots available for the Echo Weekend. ONCE YOU ARE ACCEPTED SECURE YOUR SPOT WITH YOUR DEPOSIT. move closer to Reserving your spot today by applying below. 


We understand each person has distinct preferences when it comes to sleeping arrangements. In an effort to serve you to the best of our ability we have added room options below. You will need to choose which option you would like on the application. The spots will be secure as deposits are paid.

Base Price: Sharing a room, king or queen bed

Regular Registration $997.00, Late Registration $1097.00 (13 spots)

Mid Price: Your own bed, sharing a room

Regular Registration $1197.00, Late Registration $1297.00 (4 spots)

Premium Price: Your own room and your own queen bed

Regular Registration $1497.00, Late Registration $1597.00 (7 spots)



Every girl has questions, that just means you are smart : ) We have provided answers below to ease your mind. If you are extra smart and still have questions feel free to contact us! Click on the question below to find your answer. 

+ What does Echo mean?

God gave Amie the name "Echo" from John 12:49. Jesus says, "I only say what I hear my Father saying." We believe communicating the Gospel is as easy as repeating what you see in the Bible with your own personality and testimony. Develop your Voice. Make a Difference.

+ Is this weekend right for me?

If you are an aspiring leader who has a strong desire to communicate the Word of God and are willing to develop your gift then... YES! YES! YES!

+ When does this weekend begin and end?

Thursday is fully optional. You can meet up with the other girls and hang at the Silos, grab lunch, take the trolly around town and enjoy your time. We will have a welcome session at 5pm on Thursday.

There will be an optional dinner with the rest of attendees at 6pm. Please arrive no later than 8pm on Thursday evening. The workshops ends on Sunday at 3:00pm. You will be able to fly out after 6:00pm Sunday.

+ Where does this weekend take place?

Gathering Oaks Retreat Center Waco, Tx

+ What Does The Registration Fee Cover??

Registration covers lodging, training sessions, customized coaching, workbooks, hostpitality, headshots, gifts galore, all meals from Thursday night to Sunday lunch. See next question for details.

+ Will meals be provided??

Meals are covered starting with Thursday evening and ending with Sunday lunch. Please be prepared to go out to eat Thursday breakfast and lunch if you arrive early.

+ Where will I stay?

You will be staying in the beautiful Gathering Oaks Retreat center in Waco, Tx. There are three options of lodging.

Base Price: Sharing a room, king or queen bed

Regular Registration $997.00, Late Registration $1097.00 (13 spots)

Mid Price: Your own bed, sharing a room

Regular Registration $1197.00, Late Registration $1297.00 (4 spots)

Premium Price: Your own room and your own queen bed

Regular Registration $1497.00, Late Registration $1597.00 (7 spots)

This is a first come first serve opportuniy to give you the flexibliy of personal comfort level. Once Mid Price and Premium Price spots are full by default you will be at the base price fee which includes sharing a queen or a king size bed.

+ Are there room assignments?

Rooms will be assigned. I promise every girl coming has been hand picked and will be GREAT to room with! If you are coming with a friend and request to room together please let us know.

+ Is it a requirement to stay at The Gathering Oaks Retreat?

One of the best parts of our experience is all staying together. Your registration covers these charming Fixer Upper styled accommodations. A lot of great conversation and connection happens after the sessions while we are hanging out at night. You won’t want to miss out.

+ What airport do I fly into?

DFW, Dallas Love Field, or Waco Airport (ACT) You will need to arrange your own rides to and from the airport. We will have a private Facebook page to help you connect with each other and coordiante shared rides (uber, car rentals).

+ What should I bring?

  • Your pretty smile : )
  • PLEASE bring your computer we will use this to make your sermon outline
  • Favorite pen and maybe an extra for a new friend
  • Bible
  • Outfits you'd like to be photographed in for the Echo website and social media outlets
  • Cute Pj's
  • Toiletries
  • Face towels to remove makeup
  • Workout clothes

+ What should I wear?

This workshop may be recorded, so please dress your best. You will want to be camera ready in case we are filming during your weekend. Casual cute : ) Please dress nice on Sunday as you will be preaching and receiving new headshots. We will also do a comfy day where we wear yogo pants or jammies (we love to be comfy!)

+ Will there be time for Q&A?

Q&A is one of our favorite things to do! After each session we will give you the chance to ask and give input to questions each girl has. Our team will be around as well if you have addition questions.

+ Can I refer a friend?

Yes, of course! You can email her name and information to

+ What's included?

  • 3 Nights stay at a beautiful location
  • 9 Gourmet Meals (3 breakfast, 3 lunch, 3 dinner)
  • 1 Optional FUN DAY (Thursday)
  • 3 Days of learning - 5 Sessions
  • New Friends
  • Beautiful Note Taking Workbook
  • Welcome Gifts
  • Customized Feedback on Speaking
  • Personal Prayer & Prophetic
  • Access to a private FB group for attendees
  • 6 Week Post Echo Reflection Prompts (delivered via email)
  • Bonus videos from preachers consistently updated on private site for all attendees

+ What is the investment?

Early bird Pricing June 24 - July 21 starting at $897.00 (All Packages $100.00 off)

Regular Pricing July 22 - September 15 starting at $997.00

Late Registration Pricing and Final Registration Deadline September 16 - October 5th (All Packages plus $100.00)

Once accecpted you will need to pay a deposit to secure your spot for this four-day communication workshop. This does not include airfare or driving cost.

+ What is the refund policy?

Due to the nature of this event we are unable to give refunds of any amount. After purchasing, your ticket will be non-refunable and non-transferable. Thank you for understanding.


Echo Weekend Alum Kira

Most of all I learned very quickly to embrace feedback. This isn’t an attack but a tool to help me grow. I truly received more than just learning to be a better communicator, I grew as a woman of God.

Kira Banks: Founder of Royal, Louisiana

Ilona: The Echo Workshop was a life changing weekend for me.

One and one coaching was extremely helpful and a favorite experience. You don’t always have someone telling you in detail how you could do better. The coaches are awesome and speak with a genuine desire for us to grow and be better.

Connie Almendarez: Pastor and Founder of Fearless Beauty, California

Jessica Hill - Youth Pastor  Instagram: @lineinthesandproject

Attending Echo changed so much for me - not just how I speak and message preparation, but also how I interact with and relate to women. Never have I seen a group of women so devoted and wholeheartedly invested in the success of other women.

Erin Thomas: Pastor, Florida


 January 27-29, 2017            SOLD OUT April 21-23, 2017                  SOLD OUT
 July 7-9, 2017                     SOLD OUT October 20-22, 2017            SOLD OUT  
 January, 2018            SOLD OUT April, 2018                       SOLD OUT
August, 2018                       SOLD OUT  December, 2018                   SOLD OUT
 June 5-8 , 2019                     SOLD OUT Join us for our TENTH Echo Weekend December 5-8, 2019      

My team and I look forward to hosting YOU at a retreat center in Waco, Tx. I am convinced that God has more in store than you can imagine! Let’s get this party started!

Early Bird Registration Echo Weekend

June 24 - July 21

Base Price

Sharing a room, king or queen bed


Mid Price:

Your own bed, sharing a room


Premium Price:

Your own room and your own queen bed



July 22 - November 15

Base Price

Sharing a room, king or queen bed


Mid Price:

Your own bed, sharing a room


Premium Price:

Your own room and your own queen bed



November 15 - December 1

Base Price

Sharing a room, king or queen bed


Mid Price:

Your own bed, sharing a room


Premium Price:

Your own room and your own queen bed



Let's Echo Team Photo


God has brought an amazing and unique group of passionate and talented women together from all different walks of life. Carly makes sure every meal we have together is delicious, Emma is a part of the teaching/coaching team (the BEST part), Amie, the founder of Echo, makes sure FUN is always a priority, teaches/coaches the girls, and recruits the best team ever. Michele is a brilliant mama who oversees and guides the growth of Echo and Krista makes sure the weekends run smooth as she is over logistics. 



Annalisa Moreno: Made With Love

Annalisa Moreno is the creative behind Made With Love, AM. She creates and designs handmade polymer clay earrings in the DFW area. Her mission for Made With Love, AM is to help others who once felt as broken and unworthy, as she did, come to know wholeheartedly the love God has for us all. She prays that Made With Love, AM truly glorifies the Lord's the grace and redemptive love that transformed her life.


Jaime Webber: The Floral Bar

I want to create a space where people gather, collaborate and learn from each other. A space where we create pretty things.


Carly Gerdau: re:Created

Carly Gerdau is the founder, creative mind, and maker behind re:Created, an independent jewelry brand. She currently resides in Hamilton, Alabama, where she runs re:Created from her home studio. The mission of re:Created is to create beautiful things out of other things--because everyone who is in Christ is now a new creation. Old things have passed away, behold all things have become new (2 Cor. 5:17).


Cleere Cherry: Cleerely Stated

Cleerely Stated is an encouraging gift line founded by Cleere Cherry. The mission of Cleerely Stated is to help people recalibrate, refocus, and remember who they are in Jesus. Cleere has taken her passion for writing and people and used it to create inspirational gifts for others, including her recent devotional with DaySpring, "Be Still: 90 Devotions for the Hopeful Heart." An author and a speaker, her hope is that Cleerely Stated will always point to Jesus.