At LET'S ECHO, there is no such thing as “I don’t know what to say, so I will stay silent.”

What if speaking for God didn’t have to be scary?

About Let’s Echo

we belive in:

Prioritizing the Holy Ghost

Being Gathers not Gatekeepers

Speaking Truth in Love

Not Taking Ourselves Too Seriously

We firmly believe that you don't have to prove yourself or earn the right to preach the Gospel – we're all messengers, all tasked with spreading the Good News, and all endorsed by Jesus. That’s why we are on a mission to highlight your voice and story.

We're here to gather a tribe of women communicators. When you join us, we'll empower you to discover and strengthen your voice for Jesus. Together, let's take the message of hope and love to the highways and the byways.

Raise your Voice for Jesus—Preach, Teach, Train


As a young girl who fearlessly challenged the boys during recess when they excluded girls from kickball, it's no surprise that I've been called to stand against the silencing of women and pioneer an organization to coach them in their speaking journeys.

The path to preaching as a woman has been tough and lonely. For years, all I craved was ONE woman who cared that I was using my voice for God. I kept coming up short, so I became the resource I wished I'd had. Consider me your front row, shout you down, loudest amen-er!!

Cheers to the rowdy ones,
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I started Let’s Echo in 2017 to create the resource I wish I’d had.

Founder and Head Trouble Maker

A few other facts you may want to know: I am a fun-loving southerner, a pioneer for Jesus, and a dang good speaking coach. Things that get me giddy: fancy charcuterie boards, family games that get loud, and Ghirardelli chocolate squares. 

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I’ve been keepin’ it sassy since 1985! 

This is my sweet hubby of 13 years. The #1 reason I started preaching, pioneered Echo, and haven’t quit (preaching and Echo) 385,923 times by now.

Let me tell you about my man real quick. He is a dialysis patient (no kidneys) for over 28 years. That means ¼ of his life he has been hooked up to a dialysis machine. But he STILL serves Jesus with all of his heart by preaching the Gospel. He is the personification of long-haul preaching. I honor him today and every day for modeling faith to many and countless others. 

My biggest support - and indirectly YOURS

meet the team

Joel “hippofloat” Stockstill 

A Few of My FAVORITE things

I have been on this preaching journey for more than 17 years. I have left no stone unturned when it comes to desperately trying to speak without second-guessing myself. Over the years, I have collected books, resources, and products that have helped me become a better preacher. Wanna be that speaker people lean in to listen to? Check out my top favs to level up your speaking.


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Develop Your Voice

Do you feel that stirring in your soul? We sure do! If you're ready to raise your voice, maintain that 'if God can speak through her, He can speak through me' kind of attitude, and wouldn't say no to an invitation for queso and a chat about Jesus in person, then it's time to get this party started!

The Echo Weekend




We Crave Feedback

Feedback is our jam! The best way to grow in our speaking journey is to receive unbiased critiques and implement what we’ve learned.  


Excellence matters. It is a core part of how we function. We go above and beyond in all we do, creating an atmosphere for transformation. 

Let’s Echo’s Core Values


Shortcuts cheat us out of growth and endurance. We always go to God before Google, putting in the work to become a more effective communicator. 


Collaboration over competition is how we roll at Let’s Echo. There is a seat at the table for every woman’s voice, so we intentionally promote each other.


To preach for the long haul, the Spirit of God guides our decisions—in content creation, communication delivery, and development of our voices. 


Life is too short to take ourselves too seriously. We always celebrate each other’s obedience to the call to preach the Gospel for Jesus. 

"Where the Fun Begins: Let's Echo's Heart and Soul!"

B Deckerhoff

Last Thursday I set off on a four day intensive for women speaker/preachers... a term that made me swallow hard and honestly step back a little. But God's know was hard and clear and off I went. 
I will never be the same. Jesus brought me deep inner healing, a new found confidence in my call and practical, incredible ways to share my voice for HIM. I also experienced women from every walk of life being supportive of one another, having fun, encouraging one another and standing hand in hand as we proclaimed Jesus in our own beautiful unique ways. So it may be over coffee or over a mic but no matter where it take me I will always be a PREACHER GIRL!

Take it from this 37 year old Mama who at 7 years old knew I wanted to speak about Jesus for the rest of my life and is just now stepping into that place. He is faithful!

“Thank you Let's Echo team and Amie for your yes! I am forever grateful!”

Lindsey Belt

I've never been more encouraged, challenged, empowered, STRETCHED, strengthened and cheered on more than at Echo Weekend! Me and a group of 30 women were poured into and coached by Amie and her awesome Echo Team. I jumped out of my comfort zone to meet these new women and gained forever friends by doing so. We were challenged but given a safe place to land. I know my voice matters (and so does yours). Let's use it for his glory! I'm forever changed from this weekend! I'm looking forward to the future.

“Changed forever at Echo Weekend.”

Words are golden

I've been scared of this for so long. I've felt intimidated. I have doubted my call. I've made the excuse that I am a woman. I have made the excuse I am too young. I have tried to pretend it isn't real. But, after these past few days at Let's Echo Weekend, more than ever I feel confident in where God is calling me. How could I not be confident in the One who is confident in and has chosen me!?"

God has called me to speak His word.
God has called me to champion women.
God has called me to steward spaces.
God has called me to be a vessel of His power.
God has called me to PREACH!

“At the beginning of this year I felt God tell me I would preach.”

brittany bruce

It's something you have to experience yourself. If you feel called to use your voice for His glory - you NEED to be here. This was by far one of the best investments I ever made toward the thing God is calling me to do! I am so thankful for Amie and her incredible team for being obedient in YOUR calling to help me, equip me, encourage me, and EMPOWER me to go out and PREACH God's word.

“The Echo Weekend is seriously indescribable.”

Being stretched, growth, having the Lord strip you bare in front of strangers-turned-friends... it ALL HURT. I wanted to flee more than I should admit. This was the kind of transformation where tears wouldn't stop flowing because the growing pains were so intense. 

I thought I had died and picked up my cross, but in front of a small group of women who graciously prayed, cheered and supported me, I wept my way through the weekend as Jesus asked me to deny myself and pick up His cross. I was resting in last year's faith and God was calling me to follow Him out into new, greater faith for a journey I didn't know I was going to be on. He is sneaky like that.

"Here I am Lord, Send me." - Is 6:8

“I'm grateful God doesn't leave us where we are at... and I'm so grateful Echo created a space fo the Presence of God to come have his way.”

It stretched me so far past what I thought I could do in the best way. 

I am so thankful for Amie, Joel and Lisa and all of the group coaches that spoke life over us this weekend. The encouragement, the support, the teaching, the prophetic..

I know it was only God who could have gotten me to go and out of all the times I've said, "I can't", I'm really glad I said yes. Because I can't!... but He can.

This is your encouragement to go do something uncomfy. And then sleep it off and recharge for a couple days like I have... and still am. 

“This weekend was the push out of my comfort zone that I needed.”

from echo weekend alumni

Love Notes

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girl!!! let's preach jesus for long haul!     ✦     GIRL!!! LET'S PREACH JESUS FOR LONG HAUL!      ✦     GIRL!!! LET'S PREACH JESUS FOR LONG HAUL!      ✦     GIRL!!! LET'S PREACH JESUS FOR LONG HAUL!      ✦     GIRL!!! LET'S PREACH JESUS FOR LONG HAUL!      ✦

girl!!! let's preach jesus for long haul!     ✦     GIRL!!! LET'S PREACH JESUS FOR LONG HAUL!      ✦     GIRL!!! LET'S PREACH JESUS FOR LONG HAUL!      ✦     GIRL!!! LET'S PREACH JESUS FOR LONG HAUL!      ✦     GIRL!!! LET'S PREACH JESUS FOR LONG HAUL!      ✦