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One of my all-time favorite things to do is partner with the women who are bringing people together and making space at the table for others. If you are gathering women in any capacity you are my kinda girl! This year the Lord spoke clearly to my heart and said, “The future of ministry belongs to the gatherers.” I am on mission to link arms with the women who are in the arena doing the thing God called them to do! I would be over the moon thrilled to build alongside you. 

Serving you by using my voice to speak life and destiny over your people is a dream come true! Let’s chat and see if we can make this happen. 

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Let's Preach Jesus Together

I am Amie & I believe in the power of women's voices and the ability of every woman to share Jesus effectively. 

Mary Leach, Pastor of Living Hope Church in Hamilton, Canada 

Amie came to speak at our women’s conference and stayed to share the word during our weekend services. Wow!!

Mary Leach, Pastor of Living Hope Church in Hamilton, Canada 

"What an incredibly anointed preacher! Not only is she an effective teacher of the word, but she carries an anointing to minister to the needs of the people. Many women who attended the conference shared how they found freedom from lies they were believing and now know “they have something to say” for Jesus.  

Working with Amie and hosting her was an absolute treat! She is full of life and we can’t wait to have her back soon. 

My husband affectionately calls me the "Party Bus" because I'm known for bringing fun and laughter into my sermons, but like any bus, I might occasionally tread on a toe or two! It's all in the spirit of bringing the transformation that is possible for every person when Jesus is in the room.

My primary mode of preaching and teaching revolves around the art of storytelling. By skillfully weaving engaging narratives into the text of Scripture, the word will be Biblically sound and alive with relatable stories.

Book me today to inspire, engage, and transform your audience.

Fun with a little bit of sass!

Wanna know what I bring to the mix? 

Something to Say 

At the heart of my life's message is the empowerment of women to discover and embrace their voice for God. This message is a catalyst for women to confidently preach, teach, and share the Gospel with clarity ultimately empowering them to partner with God in making a significant difference in the Kingdom of God.

Sharpened and Polished 

God has placed a unique calling on my heart to address topics often, and unfortunately, avoided by many modern-day preachers. This message is a powerful and compassionate call to repentance, highlighting the incredible privilege of the gift of repentance and offering a chance for a renewed surrender to Jesus. 

My Greatest Hits

Come out of Nowhere God

In this recent season, I've seen God shatter the clouds of fear and frustration, answering long-awaited prayers after enduring years in a barren wasteland. It's a testament to His miraculous 'come out of nowhere' grace! This message serves as a powerful reminder that the most challenging circumstances can be a catalyst for transformation.

While my life has been a whirlwind of divine adventures, these are the gems I'm eager to shine a light on — think of them as my greatest hits, the ones that set my soul on fire. Each message will be thoughtfully curated to resonate with your audience, creating a transformative experience!

listen here

listen here

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Whether you're passing out snacks to littles, in the corporate world, on stage with a mic, or working at a coffee shop and everything in between - your voice matters! There's something "more" to what you're showing up for right now and doing what you know you're supposed to do can be difficult. 

3 Things To Propel You Forward In Life


real talk with Rachel Awtrey

My friend, Amie Stockstill, is an entrepreneur, pioneer, and the founder of Let's Echo. She is passionate about helping women find their voice and developing confidence in who God created them to be. In our interview, which is broken up into two episodes (episode 2 releasing next Wednesday), she reminds us of the importance of standing on God's word, stewarding our gifts with excellence, the importance of investing in ourselves, and the importance of standing out in today's culture. You won't want to miss this!

Using Your Voice and Standing on Truth


let's be cleere

Join the conversation as Amie Stockstill shares about unlocking the God given voice that is within you. Amie shares her story of overcoming fear and stepping into the call of using her voice for the gospel. Her mission is to now help women discover their unqiue voice and train them to speak with boldness and clarity! Amie is the founder of a ministry called "Let's Echo" and has multiple courses that offer incredible training for those who want to grow in using their voice through speaking and preaching for the kingdom of God.

You Have Something To Say


encourage your heart with Janessa wait

“Faith goes beyond logic and your mind is not going to understand most things that are supernatural.” – Amie

Tune into this episode to hear Amie share about using your voice for the Lord, women in ministry, what to do when facing trials and MORE!

Using Your Voice for the Lord


a cup full of hope

With a passion to reach young women, Amie Stockstill’s life demonstrates practical ways each and every believer can impact the lives of others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Her humorous and personal communication style gives her the ability to take on the tough issues facing this generation. Through the last 10 years she has walked with her husband, Joel, through some very difficult trials in his health and the Lord has used this to birth a strong faith, the ability to overcome fear, and impart hope. She is focused on raising up the next generation of women communicators through her ministry called Let’s Echo.

The Official Bio

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“Preaching the Good News is not something I can boast about. I am compelled by God to do it. How terrible for me if I didn’t preach the Good News!” 1 CORINTHIANS 9:16 NLT

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