9 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Preaching

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I thank the good Lord no one has videos of my first preaching messages. They were straight up awful like close your eyes and don’t look embarrassing. This is not false humility, this is the God’s honest truth. I could not wait to get off the stage when I first started. I was so busy judging myself and tearing my performance apart that I totally forgot to enjoy the process. For a solid two years I would cry after preaching and dramatically tell my husband I would never preach again. If I hated it this much it could not be the Lord right?! No, I was just melting under the pressure of God molding and shaping me through these speaking opportunities. It was the best training ground I could ask for but that didn’t mean it wasn’t painful.

Joel would assure me I was being too hard on myself as the speaking requests continued to roll in. I was hesitant to say yes but went kicking and screaming because at the end of the day I knew God had called me to be a voice for Him. As I traveled around the US speaking at different churches, women’s conferences, and retreats I learned some great hard fought lessons.

Keep reading for 9 lessons I wish I would have known 13 years ago when I first started preaching on stages.



9 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Preaching:

  1. Google isn’t God’s tool for sermon prep

    • Go to the One who searches all hearts before going to a search engine. Others peoples revelations and commentary can cloud what the Holy Spirit is trying to reveal to you.

    • Never google a Scripture before reading it a minimum of ten times, taking the time to meditate on it yourself, and asking the Holy Spirit to speak to you about it Himself. 

  2. Editing is a girls best friend

    • If you have faith that God called you to be a preacher you also have to have faith that He will provide you with many opportunities.

    • When you know you will have more opportunities, you don’t feel that you have to include everythinggg you know into one 25 minute message. You can edit far easier, knowing you’ll have a different message that point or story may fit in.

  3. Nerves are no indication of calling or anointing 

    • No matter how much I prepare, I am still nervous right before I step on stage. This does not mean I am not called. It means I am nervous. 

    • Do not give too much weight to nerves. They tend to disappear within 5 seconds of starting.

  4. Guard who talks to you before you take the mic

    • Who picks you up, who mics you up, who is in the green room. These are all common spots for the enemy to send someone your way with negativity, doubt, or bad intentions. 

    • You can simply say: I need some time alone to pray, let’s save this conversation for after I preach, or please allow me a few private moments to collect my thoughts.

  5. Saying something dumb is inevitable 

    • Many women are afraid to preach out of fear of making mistakes, saying something theologically wrong, or even stating things as fact that are incorrect

    • Listen, I can not count the amount of mistakes I have made. Someone will correct you and you can move on with more knowledge in the future. Apologize if you need to but know that you reserved the right to GROW as you are learning. 

  6. Being cool and preaching rarely go together 

    • Don’t try to be cool. Cool doesn’t change peoples lives. Cool doesn’t bring healing to people. Cool doesn’t scare demons. Cool doesn’t uproot deep issues. Cool has no place in ministry. 

    • They way you dress and how you speak should never be  a hindrance to the message you bring about Jesus. If people are commenting more on your designer pants than the Presence of God you have missed the mark. 

  7. The audience is FOR you

    • They don’t want to feel any more cringey than you do. They want you to do well. They want to understand what you are saying. They want to laugh at your jokes.

    • If you come on the stage with the perspective of being on the same team as them and not having to win them over, you will enjoy your message so much more.

  8. Reps over time are the only way to get better

    • You may feel like you are terrible at preaching for a long time before you suddenly don’t anymore

    • You can’t bat 100 every game. Even when you do get really good you will have an off day every now and then.

  9. Preaching can be fun if you don’t take yourself too seriously

    • Women tend to lose their personalities when they preach because they think they need to be serious in order to be taken seriously.

    • This is a lie from the enemy. The goofier I am, the more my audience tends to respond because I love to laugh and have fun. That’s true to who I am and they can feel that which makes them trust me more. And trust is actually what makes people take you seriously.

Preaching is a privilege. Preaching is an education. Preaching is a tool for God to shape on us as we endeavor to be a voice for Him. As long as we keep saying YES to God, He will keep working on us and with us to mold us into a powerful voice He desires to partner with. 

What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned in preaching?? Comment below!

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