3 Unexpected Ways I Learned to Use My Voice This Year

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On Tuesday of this week I turned 37. HBD to me :  ) My amazing hubby took me to a spa then we dipped in and out of the pool and beach all day. I read a book, napped, and dreamed with my Joelie – who is the biggest champion of women’s voices I know! Talk about refreshing! Turning a year older is always a great opportunity to reflect on the year that has just passed.

The Lord has taught me a lot about speaking over the last 14 years but this year he taught me more than most years combined. Today I am going to go over the top three voice lessons God taught me from age 36 to 37.



3 New Ways God sharpened my voice

  1. Silence is GOLD

  • My husband and I have faced a great deal of suffering in our 12 years being married. Our suffering has always revolved around my husband‘s intense health challenges. We have faced many unanswered prayers and uncertain futures yet God has sustained us with joy throughout the process. This year we endured a surprise attack on our character. This was a new kind of suffering. When you are attacked, it is natural to want to fight back. To make sure the truth reigns. To do whatever it takes to defend yourself. This is not how the Lord had us handle our battle.

    • Based on prayer and counsel from our oversight, we were instructed to stay silent. This is excruciatingly hard for someone as strong, independent, and rebellious to social norms as myself. I took six months off of any speaking engagement, social media, or opportunity to publicly speak my piece.

    • This was an opportunity for the Lord to mold me. To refine and purify my heart. God taught me the power of silence when He is fighting our battles.

  • Silence is hard but necessary at times. Obeying God in times where He has told you to be silent are just as important as speaking when He tells you to speak! 

2. Boundaries are BOLD

  • Another hard lesson learned this year was boundary setting. When you do everything that you can do to be at peace and to reconcile with others and they refuse, you are left with minimum choices.

    • You can “move on” like absolutely nothing is wrong. (No good)

    • You can cut people out of your life completely. (No good)

    • Or you can work to set boundaries. (Hard but good)

  • Boundaries help you stay unbound. If you are new to setting boundaries, get ready for the possibility of a bumpy road. People who desire control and refuse to take responsibility will have a hard time seeing boundaries as healthy. They will do everything they can to make you out to be the bad guy. Setting boundaries may feel isolating at first. My counselor was immensely helpful in my learning how to set and stick with boundaries a one way to keep my heart free from bitterness. 

  • Using your voice to set personal boundaries is a great start in using your your voice to set others free. 


  • God challenged me significantly in the arena of consistency. When we are consistent in the Word, the Word consistency pours out of us. This year, God graciously gave me the pen of a writer.

    • Before moving to Flordia, early 2020, right as the world shut down from COVID, I was given a prophetic word at a special service at Gateway Church. This prophet told me God was sending me to Florida to get me alone to write.

    • I know in my spirit, that God used that attack I told you about to get my heart ready for the writing. It was time to step into the prophetic word and steward it well. 

  • After resting for six months. on the heels of healing, The Lord began to put a demand on my writing and has had me on an intense writing journey from December 21 through June 22.

    • I never set out to be a writer. But a yes is a yes and whatever God has asked me to do I’ve said yes. This always includes stretching beyond my comfort zone and doing things I never thought I would do. Usually if people feel that God is calling them to write or speak they sit back and wait on an opportunity to come knocking at the door. This is how I also have operated in the past. This year God said, “I’m going to teach you about opportunities” by allowing consistency to mold you He gave me several writing challenges that I have been faithful to: 

      • Daily Bible Reading

        • Writing a small devotional on using your voice from whatever I read that day.

      • Developing my first Online Course

        • The amount of writing that took was absolutely astronomical. I never considered the amount of writing that would involved not only in writing the curriculum but also writing the bonus resources, the downloadable PDF’s, and all the promo and follow up emails.

      • Writing this blog weekly.

        • This has pushed me to research, write and become a resource for others. As I set out to teach others, I have become a greater learner in the process. 

  • The process that creates opportunity is the practice of consistently creating content. There is a molding that only happens when you consistently put yourself out there. 

    • Preparation brings opportunity. Practice brings opportunity. Putting out content brings opportunity.

    • The demand you put on your own voice will be match by the demand others put on your voice.

Has God ever brought you through a seaons of unexpected learning?? I want to hear from you in the comments!

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