3 Vital Mindsets to Fulfill your Purpose

Personal Growth



At Let’s Echo we are intentionally raising up women communications for Jesus that will go the long haul!

We want to help you discover your voice and continue using it until Jesus comes back. In order to go the distance you need to make sure your mind is right. There are three mindsets need to stick with speaking no matter what comes your way.

1. Growth Mindset

The woman behind the message has the right frame of mind. That simply means she thinks right! Getting your thoughts right about yourself, others, and the world around you will accelerate your growth process. 

It all starts with the belief that YOU CAN CHANGE! 

I like to call this the growth mindset. You have been fearfully and wonderfully made by the Creator (Psalm 139:14) and one of the amazing attributes you may not yet know or fully believe is that you can change into the person you are called to be by simply exerting intentionally. 

Your call to communicate can be entered into by simply deciding you are going to become a great communicator and moving daily toward that goal. 

Never allow yourself or anyone else to label you as a static, unchangeable person. You can grow and you are well on your way if you are reading this content.

2. Purity Mindset

Another aspect of getting your mind right is maintaining a focus on purity. I like to call this the Purity Mindset. You have to keep coming back to this over and over again. It is not something that you can just get in order one time and then forget about it. 

The enemy will continuously challenge your purity. 

I don’t just mean in the area of sexual purity either. He will challenge your motives continually. He will try to rob your motivation. He will tempt you with shortcuts and desire for human praise. 

The key to maintaining this purity mindset and walking in victory is self-evaluation. 

Why do I want to do this? Who am I trying to impress? Am I doing this for Jesus? These are the type of questions you have to ask yourself in order to give the Holy Spirit opportunity to guide your thought life and keep you walking in the paths of righteousness. 

3. Other’s Mindset

The final mindset I want to leave you with is the “others” mindset. Throughout this membership you will constantly hear a theme of focusing on others and keeping others at the center of your efforts. This is what Jesus commanded us when He said to “love your neighbor as yourself.” 

Our default mode as human beings is to resort back to self interest. 

You have to be on guard at all times against the creeping force of self interest that can swoop back in and take over in a heartbeat. Maybe you ask, How can I know if I am walking in self interest or living to serve others? The answer to this is found in your conversation. Do you find yourself talking about yourself or others? Is the topic of conversation predominantly me, myself, and I? 

Are you genuinely focused on the needs, desires, and dreams of others? 

All 3 of these mindsets will give you a framework for right thinking so you can become the best communicator possible. Remember, maintain a growth mindset that you can change, a purity mindset that remains vigilant against your enemy, and remember to always have an other’s mindset that focuses on others and rejects self interest. 

Tell me which one you need God to help you develop below?!


I didn't come from a ministry background, but when I married my husband in 2010 with an Interior Design degree from LSU and no seminary training, he welcomed me into the ministry. In 2012, a prophetic couple told me that I had the anointing of Lydia, and God wanted to use it to funnel millions through the Kingdom by starting online courses and classes. At this time, I had NO dream or even thought of Let’s Echo, but I received the word from the Lord. 

Today, I'm witnessing that prophetic word coming true. You are a prophetic word fulfilled and a dream come true! 

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