Message Prep Checklist

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The less you prepare, the more you ramble. In order to preach with clarity, preparation time will need to be high priority. A lot goes into message prep and it can be overwhelming. Message prep does not have to be miserable though.

Here is a checklist to help you enjoy your preparation time instead of putting it off. Keep reading!



Message Prep Checklist

  1. Prioritize a Quiet Place

    • A message preached with clarity begins with focused preparation.

    • Starbucks or some place that is loud and full of distractions is not a great place to focus and hear the Spirit of God.

    • You need solitude (even if you don’t like it at first). Get in a place that helps you turn your mind off and get settled in your spirit.

    • Give yourself a minimum of two hours blocked off – and scheduled on a calendar to take it seriously.

  2. Put your Phone Away

    • Technology can be your greatest advantage or your greatest disadvantage.

    • When it comes to sermon prep, putting your phone away is a great start to focusing your mind and heart on the task at hand. This is a discipline that always pays off.

    • While you’re at it, put your watch that get texts and your ipad or computer away as well.

  3. Use your Hard Copy Bible

    • Using your hard copy Bible gives you a place to start.

    • You can see your notes, any revelation you may have written in the margins.

    • When you prep using your Bible it gives you another opportunity to get to know your way around the Bible.

  4. Make proper use of Commentary

    • Commentaries are needed when sermon prepping but I always look to these last. Otherwise you may get into reading so much commentary that you do not allow the Holy Spirit to speak directly to you.

    • A commentary should be used as a backup not as a startup.

      • Here are a few options: R.C. Sproul’s Expositional Commentaries, IVP Bible Background Commentary, Expositor’s Bible Commentary

  5. Use a Storage System

    • The more we honor revelation the more God will give. Pick a revelation and message storage system and use it each time you begin a new message.

    • Google docs is one of my top tools for sermon prep. I use the same program every time I sermon prep in order to make the process seamless. It’s like cooking a dish over and over again until you don’t need to look at the recipe. It saves you time and bandwidth.

      • Here are a few options: Pages, Microsoft Word, Google Docs

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