The best kept secret to finding and fulling your purpose… (FREEBIE ALERT)

Personal Growth

How is today December 1st already?? In no time flat, Christmas will come and go with lots of joy and whimsy and then we will be in the New Year. Want to have a year like no other? Want to find and fulfill the purpose of God on your life? Start by reflecting on the year you’ve already had. Reflection can be hard and you may not know where to start. That is why I created this free resource for you. This is my 5th year giving it out and each year over a thousand people download it. 

Year in Review was created during a very difficult time in my life. Five years ago, my husband was very sick and we were drowning in negativity from spending months in and out of the hospital. We needed a good dose of hope. That is where the idea for this resource was birthed.

I knew the only way out of suffering was to dream of helping others and give them a resource to take practical steps toward their dreams. What began as a personal resource quickly became something I knew would add great value to others.

Year in Review is built on the understanding that to make a difference in the world you have to review where you are and set goals of where you want to go. There is no greater time to set our hearts on a new year than now. I pray this resource acts as a springboard to your purpose being fulfilled. Only God knows the things you will be able to accomplish as you take time to invest in yourself. 




60 prompts to help you reflect on 2022 and prepare for 2023

Wanna know what all is in there before downloading? No prob, bob we got you! Here’s a sample of some of the questions if you like a sneak peak before downloading.

Sample Prompts 2022


The more reflective you are, the more effective you will be. 

Relationship Assessment

Family: How are your relationships with your family members?

Rate Yourself

Vision: Rate your vision _______ Explain below

#1 action I can take to improve in this area

Big Wins

So proud: List all the areas in your life that you are proud of

The Good

Victories: Jesus gave me great victories in

The Bad and the Ugly

Stuck: This area seems to be stuck

In Depth

Heart: The condition of my heart going into 2023

Letter to Jesus

If you could sit with Jesus face to face, what would you say to Him about 2022?

Sample Prompts 2023


The more you plan the better chance you have at fulfilling your purpose.

Becoming Me

Who do I want to become in 2023?

Guiding Word

5 Quick Steps to figuring out your word for the year

Smart Goals

System for Goal Setting

Looking Ahead

Play: Ways I can add more fun into my life:

All the Feels

Others – Way I want to make others feel in 2023:

Voice for God

How can I use my voice in my local church to make a difference?

Resources List

Read the Bible with us in 2023

There is SO much more within this FREE download. Grab it today and schedule some time in the coming weeks to sit down and fill it out. 

Here are THREE tips to getting the most out of your Year in Review:

  1. Schedule a time to fill it out

    • Go to a quiet place

    • Turn your phone off

    • Pray before to quiet your spirit 

  2. Don’t rush through this

    • Take your time

    • Fill it out thoughtfully, the more you put in the more you will get out

    • Invite Jesus into the entire process

  3. Keep it in a place you can see and review throughout 2023

    • Keep your dreams and visions before your eyes

    • Check items off as you accomplish them

    • Update them if need be and share you wins with friends and family

Bonus: Fill it out with a friend for greater effectiveness 

  • Grab a group of girls to go through it together. This is a great bonding exercise. 

  • Make a small group night of it, share what you feel comfortable with. 

  • Pray with each other over anything that comes up from 2022 and any dreams for 2023.

  • Check in with each other throughout 2023.



I didn't come from a ministry background, but when I married my husband in 2010 with an Interior Design degree from LSU and no seminary training, he welcomed me into the ministry. In 2012, a prophetic couple told me that I had the anointing of Lydia, and God wanted to use it to funnel millions through the Kingdom by starting online courses and classes. At this time, I had NO dream or even thought of Let’s Echo, but I received the word from the Lord. 

Today, I'm witnessing that prophetic word coming true. You are a prophetic word fulfilled and a dream come true! 

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