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Preaching has gotten kind of complicated these days. There are so many things to think about. Connecting with the audience, making sure your context is correct, understanding the audience, getting all your points and stories across, setting up ministry time, and fitting in humor, for starters. This is not to mention having to take over from a ministry moment, having to introduce yourself, greeting multiple campuses, and having to end right on cue due to the following services being back to back. With ALL that is going on in a preachers mind, one thing usually trips up even the best of speakers. Timing!

As you grow in your communication and are able to move through your message in a timely manner, you will stand out. When you stand out, you get more speaking invitations and more people desire to hear from you.



The biggest struggle I see new preachers making, and even seasoned speakers for that matter, is going over on the their time. Here’s why:

  1. Without training, it’s hard to feel time going by.

    • Feeling time is a skill you can develop by watching your time as you speak and taking note of how long it takes you to move through your outline.

    • The more reps you get in, the easier this will be to gauge.

    • When you feel time moving too slowly, you can interject a story or illustrations. When you feel time moving too quickly you can cut stories, illustrations or even entire points out in order to get your timing back on track.

  2. Having symmetry in the timing of your points must be taught.

    • Many preachers are not taught how to time out each portion of their outline, Let’s face it, many preachers are not even taught how to form an outline.

    • Without knowing how to time your points, you will do what I did when I started out, you will ramble on the first point and take up WAY too much time. Then you will freak out when you see you have 7 minutes left of your 30 minute talk and you will start cramming in the rest of your points. This is no good.

    • You need training in timing out how much focus to give to each point and which point will become your “honey hole,” as we teach in Echo Weekend.

  3. It is hard to land the plane for most people.

    • Here is the downfall of most communicators – not having any idea how to land the plane.

    • Often times this translates to an added 7-15 minutes of circling, repeating, and rambling before finally ending abruptly.

    • When no thought is given to the timing of your landing, a crash is inevitable.

For these reasons, you need as much help with timing as you can get. Here is the game-changer app that will help you get your timing under control so people don’t get bored and so hosts ask you to come back to preach again. If there is ONE app you need as a preacher, it’s this one. I never speak, record a video, or preach without it!

It’s call the Perf Timer and it will change. the. game. for you and your audience!

  • Price: FREE

  • Skill level: Beginner easy. Just set the time and hit play!

  • Use: Performance Timer is a large-display countdown timer developed to be used to monitor the time remaining in a performance, presentation, etc. Performance Timer does not sound an alarm when the time runs out. Rather, when the timer reaches zero, the numbers turn red and the timer starts counting up so that you can see how long you’ve gone over your target time. The time can be set from 1 to 99 minutes.

Why I LOVE it:

  • It is very easy to use.

  • It counts DOWN so I can tell how much time I have left without doing the math in my head while staring at a regular clock as I am preaching.

  • If you set it for 35 minutes, the color display is green and counts down until it hits zero. Then, without causing an alarm to go off in the middle of your message, it starts counts UP in red. The red sends a signal of urgency to my brain and helps me wrap things up.

When to use:

ANY time you speak you can use the Perf Timer. The other day, I was recording a video for the YouVersion app and I set my timer to 90 seconds. Because I have been using this app for years now and developing my voice, I was able to hit the video timing perfectly.

I believe this app will improve your preaching by leaps and bounds!

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