Top 7 Reasons to Attend the Echo Weekend Preaching Workshop (+ top reasons to NOT attend)

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We recently celebrated International Women’s Day. It was a great reminder of how far we have come in regards to women’s rights and equality. 

The world has torpedoed past the church in this regard, going too far now in some ways. As the Church begins to catch up, I have been concerned with the reality of women being released without being trained. Just because we CAN speak, doesn’t mean we are READY to speak. 

It is beautiful to see the door to women preachers being cracked open. Sadly, women are getting thrown on stages too big for their current experience and ability. It should be no surprise that many of these untrained women fail miserably.

Unfortunately, this reality reinforces the beliefs long held by men to have more reasons why women shouldn’t speak and also solidifies in women’s hearts why they should be silent.  

THIS IS BACKWARDS. Men have been given more training, more opportunities, and more chances to fail in front of smaller crowds than women have. That doesn’t mean they are more called, it only shows that they are more trained. 

As women, we have the right and permission to preach the Gospel and because of that we also have the duty and responsibility to seek out proper training. This was the very reason I started Echo in 2017, I KNEW I needed training but there was none to be found. So after much prayer and submitting the dream to my husband, I started training women in my home in 2017.

We have come a long way in the last 6 years but I have never wavered in the passion to see women equipped for their calling to preach. The Holy Spirit needs more voices, will you be a voice for Him?



Here are the TOP 7 reasons to do what you have to do to get the training you need to step the next step in your own speaking journey:

  1. Experiential Learning

    • This is not a weekend where you sit in the crowds and take endless notes, you WILL take tons of notes but you will have a chance to implement what you are learning on the spot with each activation. We are very hands on and practical. 

    • If you take a little longer to process things, like me, this style of learning will be a major draw for you.

  2. Preaching Opportunities

    • Every woman will speak a minimum of 2 times in front of their group and several times with a partner.

    • This will help you get over your fear of speaking in front of others so you can SAY YES when Jesus, your husband, pastor, or leader gives you an opportunity.

  3. Personalized Coaching

    • Our Echo Coaches are Echo Weekend alumni so they have sat in your shoes. They are trained in the Echo Method and have been with us for several years, each coaching close to 50 women one on one. 

    • As a bonus for attending the Weekend you will get our Self Evaluation Form to fill our each time you speak. This will walk you through exactly how to improve each time.

  4. Supportive Girl Gang

    • There is ZERO competition when it comes to preaching, leading, or even just being in the Echo Culture. Every woman is uniquely called and gifted therefore we actively and intentionally celebrate the beauty of Gods’ purposeful design of each attendee.

    • These are ministry friends – for life! They understand the calling and all that comes with it. When you want t quit or give up, they will be by your side cheering you on.

  5. Amazing LIVE Worship

    • Worship and prophecy are a top value for us. We give the Holy Spirit His place in our midst, which is first, by kicking the weekend off with an amazing night in His Presence. He always does way more than we could imagine!! 

    • My husband, Joel Stockstill, along with a team of women will lead us in a time of prophetic. Simply put, this is a time of encouragement to your future.

  6. Joyful Environment

    • JOY permeates our time together. As scary as it can be to finally admit your desire to preach the Gospel out loud, it can also be extremely joyful to gather with other women who have done the same. To look around the room and see other women when you’ve felt alone in your calling is an amazing hug from Heaven. 

    • We are not stuffy, overly serious , or academic. We do take God and our calling seriously, but do not feel boxed in by the weight of our calling.

  7. Collaborations

    • One of the greatest joys to come out of Echo is the collaborations that happen. Women inviting each other to speak at conferences, on podcasts, to write for each other’s blogs, to attend their own retreats, and to create communities together happen after each weekend. There is no limit to what we can create when we create together!

    • We have a private Facebook group to keep in touch and offer collaborations with all other Echo Weekend Alumni. You will have lifetime access to this.

Here are the TOP 7 reasons Echo Weekend may NOT be for you if you:

  1. Think women should stay home

    • We believe women have a place in the home AND in the church, the workplace, the playground, the boardroom, and anywhere else God leads them 

  2. Believe women can’t preach the Gospel

    • This is a preaching weekend. Every women will share their testimony and preach in front of the group 

  3. Refuse to get out of your comfort zone

    • If you aren’t feeling uncomfortable, you aren’t doing it right 

  4. Aren’t a fan of women

    • Our culture is inclusive, joyful, we are instant friends who don’t let girls sit alone. Lots of hugging is happening too.

    • On second thought…come anyways our love will melt your heart and make you a fan of women! 

  5. Don’t want to invest in yourself

    • Oddly I have heard people say they do not want to grow or believe everything in the Christian world should be free. You will receive WAY more when you have some skin in the game.

  6. Are convicted that reverence for God is expressed in a serious tone only&

    • I have NOT been invited back to preach at certain places because I am silly, I don’t take myself seriously, I like to laugh WITH God. 

  7. Like being competitive instead of collaborative

    • Echo girls genuinely cheer other women on. We believe the more women at the preaching party, the better! 

If you go through the list of reasons to join and that makes you excited, apply today

If you go through the list of 7 reasons why Echo isn’t for you and you aren’t any of those, apply today!

Echo weekend will help you go from hiding to holding a Bible in your hand and preaching boldly!



I didn't come from a ministry background, but when I married my husband in 2010 with an Interior Design degree from LSU and no seminary training, he welcomed me into the ministry. In 2012, a prophetic couple told me that I had the anointing of Lydia, and God wanted to use it to funnel millions through the Kingdom by starting online courses and classes. At this time, I had NO dream or even thought of Let’s Echo, but I received the word from the Lord. 

Today, I'm witnessing that prophetic word coming true. You are a prophetic word fulfilled and a dream come true! 

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